Lotus Root Salad: Fresh Lotus Root Salad, from the 1968 Foods of the World: Chinese Cooking.; Chinese; Time-Life; Foods of the World; recipe; lotus root

This is a very simple, very quick, salad that adds a touch of the exotic to any table. Lotus root is not a common vegetable even today in grocery stores, so you may have to hit an Asian market to find it.

The recipe calls for slicing the lotus root into ⅛-inch slices; I always wonder how real those measurements are, whether for rolling pastry or cookies, or for slicing/cubing meat and vegetables. In this case, I think ⅛-inch is the maximum. If you can get them thinner, they’ll be better.

This can easily be chilled in the refrigerator overnight, and you can substitute white vinegar for rice wine vinegar.

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