Gourmet Baked Omelet: Gourmet Baked Omelet, from the 1961 ABC of Jiffy Cookery.; breakfast; sixties; 1960s; eggs; recipe

The “ABC” series was a very frivolous series of tiny books from the fifties and sixties. The few that I have seen are a lot of fun; each letter—or group of letters, they tended to bunch the difficult letters together at the end of the alphabet—is accompanied by a short poem about the book’s topic and vaguely about that letter.

The instructions for this baked omelet are to fold them once they’re cooked. My experience is that the omelet will not fold, because it rises precipitously. It’s a very light and dry omelet, and perfect for embellishing with something sugary or something savory—or anything you think you’d enjoy on an omelet.

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