Peanut Butter Hermits: Peanut Butter Hermits from Borden’s 1934 Magic Short-cut Recipes.; cookies; peanuts; recipe; sweetened condensed milk; Borden’s Eagle Brand; thirties; 1930s

Can’t get much easier than this for a baked cookie. It’s also a great way to get rid of leftover sweetened condensed milk, as the recipe can be easily adjusted up or down depending on how much milk you have left in the can. I suspect that’s one of the purposes of the recipe—it only makes eighteen cookies.

However, the pamphlet it came from is meant to highlight “short-cut” recipes, so the low number of cookies is probably also because you’re making them “just in time” as the moderns say. You’re not making these to store, you’re making them to give right to the kids.

Traditionally, vanilla wafer crumbs are combined with sweetened condensed milk. The original recipe calls for graham cracker crumbs; I expect any kind of cookie will work, but preferably ones without large pieces in them, such as nuts or chips.

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