Savory Onion Gravy: Savory Onion Gravy from Lea & Perrins’s 1952 Dishes Men Like.; fifties; 1950s; gravy; onions; recipe; Worcestershire sauce

This gravy is meant for slathering over steak. But I’ve used it on mashed potatoes and on stuffing and it’s hard to beat. I’m betting it would also be great over mushrooms or anything else that takes a good, rich gravy.

“Dishes Men Like” is a pamphlet from Lee & Perrins, makers of “The Original and Genuine Worcestershire Sauce”. The recipe does not skimp on the sauce! Most soups or dishes that contain Worcestershire use it for enhancing other flavors; this recipe uses it to give the gravy a Worcestershire-like taste, reminiscent of those cereal mixes common around the holidays.

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