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Sauerkraut Rye Bread

I bought Put Some Kraut in Your Life solely for the cover and interior art. You have to see this cookbook to believe it. You can find it, complete with amazing art design and recipes, on the Internet Archive.

I didn’t expect the recipes to be any great shakes, but every recipe I’ve made so far from this book has been anywhere from nice to very nice to amazing. The chocolate cake is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made.

Mind you, it’s also the only chocolate cake I’ve ever made. But it was very good.

I modified their kraut rye bread recipe to work in a bread machine, basically by halving it; the original makes two loaves of bread. The recipe ought to make some great rye rolls, too. It’s relatively light for rye bread. The sauerkraut adds a nice sour taste to it, as well as caraway if your sauerkraut includes it. (If it doesn’t, I’d probably add a teaspoon or two.)

If you don’t want to waste the kraut juice, look up the Lemony Kraut Ice Cream in the Kraut cook book. It’s worth making at least once.

Drop in again soon for another vintage recipe! I’ll have a different recipe every Sunday afternoon throughout the year.


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